Within our focus areas, we constantly challenge ourselves to enrich the lives of those we have reached out to. We want you to join us because it is only through your support that we are able to continue creating a positive impact.
Kong Sook Hui
Supply Chain, Learning & Development Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB)
The passion and commitment shown by GAB employees with the Big Day Out was an eye-opener for new hire Kong Sook Hui who participated fully in the day’s activities.
"BDO is a great programme with clear aims and objectives. GAB employees who participated in the one day event nationwide, had good experiences to share and felt good giving back to the community."
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Designed to bring the best out of GAB employees, the BDO was an inspiring experience for Kong.

It was fun being out in the field with my colleagues, to be doing something that gives back to the community.

One of the key attractions of GAB Foundation's Big Day Out (BDO) programme is the level of commitment and passion shown by GAB's employees in their various activities, says one of GAB's recent hires Kong Sook Hui.

Kong is no stranger to corporate social responsibility activities. In her previous company, she was an active participant in helping the Orang Asli community in Belum, Perak. However, she says her experience with GAB was different because of how it marshalled everyone in the team to help together.

For BDO 2012, Kong and her team undertook a number of upgrading activities at the Bukit Jalil Park in Shah Alam including cleaning, painting, replanting trees and working with partners to restore park's flora and fauna. The latter included helping bio-clean the lake and enhance the park's ecosystem through the creation of a floating wetland.
From Kong Sook Hui's Camera