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EDUCATION: English Enrichment Training Programme (EETP)
Shreya Mahentran
English Teacher , SJK (T) Mahathma Gandhi Kalasalai Sg. Siput, Perak
Shreya Mahentran was one of the participants at the inaugural EETP in 2012, which benefited 75 teachers from 39 schools, impacting 1,000 students nationwide.
“The quality of facilitators and the additional English classes which were conducted for the weaker students have improved their language proficiency and my own teaching skills.”
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As a teacher in an isolated community, he found that the programme really helped his personal development as a teacher by bringing him in touch with other teachers and by exposing him to some of the best teaching practices.

“The programme has helped me a lot in learning English skills and best ways to approach pupils.The best part about the programme is the way that it brought together English teachers from different states to share best practices to help our students improve their English proficiency,” says Shreya Mahentran.

“It’s really tough for teachers like me working in smaller districts to meet other school teachers to share ideas, but the programme has been really helpful.”

Mahentran, 29, was one of 75 teachers from 39 schools participating in GAB Foundation’s English Enrichment Training Programme held in May-June 2012. Initially doubtful about the programme, held during the school holiday period, Mahentran says he really enjoyed himself and found the programme to be highly beneficial.

“I have been teaching English for the past five years, but I’m still in the process of learning, which is a lifelong activity,” he says. “The programme has helped me a lot in learning English skills and best ways to approach pupils.”

Since completing the programme, Mahentran has been running remedial English classes for weaker students on Mondays after school. This has been particularly helpful in a school like SJK (T) Mahathma Gandhi, which is relatively small with a diverse mix of students who come from differing backgrounds, he says.
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